Monday, December 3, 2007

Nets Epilogue

Again, I have to do this, I have to write this. I already explained two weeks ago that the Nets are my team, so although I try to keep an eye on all the thirty teams in the NBA, but always one in particular. So as a fan, when I have the opportunity I try to watch their games whenever I can. If for some reason it’s not possible, first thing in the morning is checking the box scores of last night’s game. So you can understand that a lot of my mornings don’t start of well. I really don’t like mornings anyway, but having a job often means getting up and go to the office, or wherever you work.
The last time I wrote about the Nets they were 4-5, and they were about to play one of the worst teams in the East, the Miami Heat. For some reason, I thought that game was a “must-win” situation for them. To play in front of your fans against a team which is struggling, when you’re struggling yourself winning a game like that could work as a confidence-builder. They lost by four points. Then they went to Salt Lake City, to play a strong Jazz team, and playing against a good team can bring out the best of you, but the Nets lost by 27. After that even Kidd was in a bad mood, didn’t know how to fix the problems the Nets have. So the team travelled to Portland where they narrowly beat the Blazers, and also edged the Sonics in Seattle, before heading off to L.A. The game against the Lakers was a rollercoaster ride, once again playing inconsistent, but played well enough to hold them off in the end. Three wins in a row, confidence is built? You would say, wouldn’t you? You must feel good about yourself finally winning some games, and knowing the lousy Grizzlies are visiting the Swamp, so let’s make it four. But they didn’t, and ended up November by also losing to the Grizzlies. December arrived, month full of festivities. Narrow win over the Sixers, then losing in Detroit by 23 damn points. Jason Maxiell killed them. Not Rasheed, B-B-B-Billups, Rip or Prince, not even McDyess, nope: Maxiell.

So now what? It’s a mess. I’m not hating on coach Lawrence Frank. He is a hard-working man, but if there is one thing he needs to do now is stop reshuffling the starting line-up. In fact, like some Nets beat writers say, and I wholeheartedly agree with: get Magloire into the game. Everybody is already saying he was a bad signing for the Nets, but he hardly gets any minutes out there. They need his rebounding, and that’s what he’ll do for you. Start him alongside Sean Williams. The latter will swat shots, dunk, grab some boards and provides a spark the Nets need so badly. At least try it with those two for the next five games or so, with Kidd, Carter and Jefferson. The Nets are now 7-9, something is wrong, and it needs to be fixed. I’m not a coach; I don’t have the solution, but at least try it with these five guys for a while. Who knows, next time I write about the Nets they’re above .500, and I can finally be more positive about the way things are going this season.